All Taiwanese Drama Series List

100% Senorita
10000 Miles
2016 Super Star: A Red & White Lunar New Year Special
27th Golden Melody Awards
A Brighter Summer Day
A City of Sadness
A Confucian Confusion
A Good Day
A Good Wife
A Place of Ones Own
A Time In Quchi
A Touch of Green
A Touch Of Zen
Absolute Boyfriend
Age of Rebellion
Aim High
Alice in Wonder City
All in 700
All You Need Is Love
Always Smile
Amour et Ptisserie
An Angel's Happiness
An Innocent Mistake (Taiwanese)
Angel 'n' Devil
Another Woman
Anywhere Somewhere Nowhere
Apple In Your Eye
At Dolphin Bay
Attention, Love!
Au revoir Taipei (Hotori no sakuko)
Autumn s Concerto
Baby Daddy
Back to 1989
Back to the Good Times
Backlight Lovers
Battle Of Hip Hopera
Be With Me
Be With You
Beauty World
Because of you
Behind Your Smile
Better Man
Between (Taiwan Drama)
Big Red Riding Hood
Bitter Sweet
Black & White Chapter One: The Dawn of Assault
Black And White
Black and White: The Dawn of Justice 2014
Blissful Dandelion
Blue Gate Crossing
Borrow Your Love
Boys Can Fly
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Bull Fighting
Bump Off Lover
Cafe Waiting Love
Calling for Love
Campus Confidential
Campus Heroes
Candy Rain
Cape No. 7
Chang Yi
Clue Collector PI LI MIT
Constellation Women Series - Aquarius Woman
Constellation Women Series - Aries Woman
Constellation Women Series - Leo Woman
Corner With Love
Crossing The Line
Dandelion Love
David Loman
David Loman II
Days We Stared at the Sun
Dear Mom
Death Duel of Mantis
Deja Vu
Devil Beside You
Die Sterntaler
Down With Love
Drama Go Go Go
Dream Flight
Drunken to Love You
Dust In The Wind
Easy Fortune Happy Life
Eight Immortals
Emily's 5 Things
Endless Love(Taiwanese)
Engagement for Love
Fabulous 30
Fabulous Boys
Fall in Love with Me
Falling In Love
Family In the Wind
Fated to Love You (Taiwanese)
Fighting Meiling
Fly ! Mr Kafka
Fondant Garden
Foret Debussy
Four Gifts
Gatao 2: Rise of the King 2018
Gentle Mercy
Get Together
Girlfriend Boyfriend
Gloomy Salad Days
Go Grandriders
Go Single Lady
Good Times (2016)
Hana Kimi (2006)
Happy & Love Forever
Happy Michelin Kitchen
Hayate the Combat Butler
Hear Me
Heartbeat Love
Heaven's Wedding Gown
Heavens Wedding Gown
Hi My Sweetheart
History Web Series Season 2 : Right Or Wrong
HIStory2: Boundary Crossing
Home Sweet Home (Taiwanese Drama)
Honey And Clover (2008)
Honey Pupu
Hot Shot (Basket Fire Ball)
Hot Summer Days
I Am Sorry, I Love You
I don't want to sleep alone
I Love Leo
I Love U Love U Love I
I Want to Become a Hard Persimmon
Ice Poison
In A Good Way
In Between (2012)
In The Family
In Time with You
Inborn Pair
Intern Doctor (2017)
Invincible Shan Bao Mei
Iron Ladies
Island Etude
It Started With A Kiss
Just for You
Just You
K O 3an Guo
King Flower Substitute Princess
Knock knock loving you
KO One Re act
KO One Return
Life of Never End
Life Plan A and B
Lion Pride
Love & π
Love 2012
Love Around
Love at Seventeen
Love at Seventh Sight
Love Before
Love Buffet
Love by Design
Love Cheque Charge
Love Contract
Love Family
Love in Disguise
Love Keeps Going
Love Me Or Leave Me
Love Myself or You?
Love Now
love of May
Love of Sandstorm
Love or Bread
Love Or Spend
Love SOS
Love Storm
Love Touch
Love You 10000 Years
Love, Timeless
Lovesick 2011
Loving Never Forgetting
Lucky Days
Machi Action
Marry Me!
Marry Me, or Not?
Marry or Not
Material Queen
Maverick 2015
Meet Me @ 1006
Memory Love
Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden 2
Meteor Rain
Metro of Love
Miao Miao
Ming ghost
Miss In Kiss
Miss No Good
Miss Rose
Momo Love
Moon River
Mr. Right Wanted
Murmur of the Hearts
Murphys Law of Love
My Dear Boy
My DNA Says I Love You
My Egg Boy
My Geeky Nerdy Buddies
My Goddess
My Lucky Star
My MVP Valentine
My Queen
My Sassy Girl (2012)
Mysterious Incredible Terminato
Never Forget Then
New Perfect Two
Next Heroes
Nie Xiaoqian
Night Market Hero
Odd Perfect Match
Of Love and Rain
Office Girls
Once More Heartbeat
Our Times
Partners in Crime
Peach Girl
Peony in Bloom
Prince of Wolf
Prince Who Turns Into a Frog
Prince William
PS Man
Pushing Hands
Rainbow Sweetheart
Reaching For The Stars
Refresh Man
Rhythm of the Rain
Ring Ring Bell
Rock n Road
Rolling Love
Romantic Princess
Safari 5000
Sanlih Drama Awards Ceremony 2015
Sashimi 2015
Saving Mother Robot
Say Again Yes I Do
Say I Do Again
Say That You Love Me
School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
Secret (movie)
See You in Time
Shia Wa Se
Silent Code
Single Ladies Senior
Skip Beat
Sleeping on Dark Waters
Smiling Pasta
Snow Angel
Someone Like You
Soul 2013
Spider Lilies
SPOP Weekly Report
Spring Flower (2016)
Spring Love
Starry Starry Night
Stray Dogs
Summer Afternoon
Summer Fever
Summer Times
Summer's Desire
Sunshine Angel
Sweet Alibis 2014
Sweet Rain
Sweet Relationship
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard
Swimming Battle
Taipei Exchanges
Taiwan From The Air
Taste of Love
Thanatos, Drunk
The Arti: The Adventure Begins (2015)
The Assassin 2015
The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful
The Boys From Fengkuei
The Crossing Hero
The Ex-Man (2018)
The Fierce Wife
The Four Cupids 2010
The Fourth Portrait
The Girl In Blue
The Heirloom
The Hospital
The Invaluable Treasure 1949
The Killer Who Never Kills
The King of Romance
The Laundryman
The Love Song
The Lying Game
The Magicians of Love
The Man From the Future
The Masked Lover
The New World
The Perfect Match
The Personals
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Rice Bomber
The Rose (2003)
The Soul of Bread
The Spin Kid
The Tag-Along
The Way to Happiness (2017)
The Way We Were
The Wayward Cloud
The X Family
They Kiss Again
Thirty Something
Ti Amo Chocolate
Tie The Knot
Time for Taiwan
To The Dearest Intruder
Tokyo Juliet
Tokyo Playboy Club
Tokyo Scarlet
Tree in the River
Tropical Fish
Twa Tiu Tiann
Twenty Something Taipei
Two Fathers
War Family (2016)
Wawa No Cidal
Westgate Tango
Westside Story
What Is Love
When I See You Again
When Love Comes
When Love Walked In
White Ant
Who Killed Cock Robin
Why Why Love
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Wind And Cloud
Winds Of September
Wish to See You Again
X Dormitory
Yi Yi A One and a Two
Ying Ye 3+1
You Are the Apple of My Eye
Your Majesty
Zatoichi season 3
Zhong Wu Yan
Zinnia Flower
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