All Chinese Drama Series List

101st Marriage Proposal
14 Blades
1911 Revolution
20 Once Again
21 Carats 2018
24 City
36th Chamber of Southern Shaolin
4 Idiots 2015
52Hz I Love You
7 Assassins (Movie)
8 Avatar
80s Engagement
A Beautiful Life
A Beauty in Troubled Times
A Better Tomorrow 2018
A Bite of China Ⅲ
A Chinese Odyssey Part III 2016
A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity (2017)
A Clear Midsummer Night
A Fool 2015
A Game About Love
A General, A Scholar and An Eunuch
A Happy Life
A Kiss Is Not Determined
A Land Imagined
A Legend Of Chinese Immortal
A Legend of Shaolin
A Life Time Love (2017)
A Lifetime of Love
A Loner 2018
A Love So Beautiful
A Million Treasures
A Mobile Love Story
A Nail Clipper Romance
A or B 2018
A Scholar Dream of Woman
A Seven-Faced Man
A Singing Fairy
A Step into the Past
A Story of LaLas Promotion
A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities
A Tiger Wife
A Time of Beauty
A Touch of Sin
A West Lake Moment
A Woman A Gun And A Noodle
A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop
Abandoned Secret
About Is Love
Above the Clouds
Absurd Accident
Accidentally in Love
Accompany You Ups and Downs
Across the Ocean to See You
Addicted (aka Heroin)
Advance Bravely
Against the Tide
Age of Legends
Agent X 2013
Aibou The Movie
AiQing Bu DaYang
All About Secrets
All For Love
All Is Well
All Out of Love
All Quiet in Peking
All the Way to Bloom
Allure Snow
Already Famous
American Dreams In china
An Accidental Shot of Love
An Elephant Sitting Still
An Empress and the Warriors
An Oriental Odyssey
Ancient Terracotta War Situation
Angels Wear White
Animal World
Another Brilliant Life
Another Me
Another Year
Any Other Side 2012
April Star
Ariel & Olivia
Around The City 2014
Arrows On The Bowstring
Art In Love (2017)
As Flowers Fade and Fly Across The Sky
Ash Is Purest White
At Cafe 6
Attack it, Lightning!
Awkward Assassin Girlfriend
Baby Child Back Home
Bachelor Mountain
Back In Time: Long Time No See
Bad Cop
Bad Girls
Badges of Fury
Ballad from Tibet
Ballistic Kiss
Battle of Changsha
Battle of JiangQiao
Battle of Memories
Battle of the Beauties
Be Careful Delicacy
Be Together
Be With You (2017)
Beauties At The Crossfire
Beauties in the Closet
Beauties Of The Emperor
Beauties Without Tears
Beautiful Accident
Beautiful Connection
Beautiful Secret
Beautiful Trap
Beautiful Woman (2018)
Beauty Private Kitchen (2016)
Because Love Is A Miracle I
Because Love Is A Miracle II
Because of Meeting You
Bedside Cry
Befriend (2018)
Beginning of the Great Revival
Behind the Scenes
Beijing Love Story
Beijing Meets Seattle II: Book of Love
Believe in Love
Best Lover (2016)
Best Time
Beyond Light Years
Beyond The Realm Of Conscience
Bie Ai Wo
Big Brother
Bio Raiders
Black Coal Thin Ice 2014
Bleeding Steel
Blind Spot
Blind Way
Blood Brothers
Blood of Youth
Bloody Destiny
Bloody Romance
Blossom in May
Blue Amber
Blue Veins
Bodyguards and Assassins
Border Town Prodigal
Boss and Me
Boy Hood 2017
Bratty Bride
Bravest Escort Group
Break Up
Breaking Dawn
Breaking the Silence
Breaking The Waves
Breakup Buddies
Bridge In Clouds
Bring Back the Dead
Brotherhood of Blades
Brotherhood of Blades 2 : The Infernal Battlefield
Bu Liang Ren
Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi
Buddies in India 2017
Buddy Cops
Buried City to Shut All Lights
Buried City to Shut All Lights S2
Buried City to Shut All Lights S3
Burning Ice 2017
But Always
Butterfly Lovers
Butterfly Lovers 2017
Bye Old Times Bye
Cai Shen You Dao
Call Me Savior
Cambrian Period
Campus Mystery
Candle in the Tomb
Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave
Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time
Cao Cao
Caught In The Heartbeat
Chang Chen Ghost Stories
Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2016)
Chat Room
Chef Fang
Cherish in Love
Cherish Love
Cherry Returns 2016
Chien Lung Dynasty (2004)
China Legal
China Peacekeeping Forces
China Salesman
Chinese Detective
Chinese Horror Story
Chinese Look
Chinese Paladin
Chinese Paladin 3
Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World
Chinese Partner
Chinese Zodiac
Chong Ming Wei
Chong Qing Love Story
Chongqing Hot Pot
Chronicle of Life
Chronicle of Love
Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe
Chrysanthemum To The Beast
Chun Yi
Cinderella Chef
City Beat
City Of Angels
City of Rock
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark
Clues In The Dark
Cock and Bull
Cold Case (Chinese Drama)
Color of Night
Colourful Bone
Come Across Love (2017)
Come Home With Me
Concubinage Record (2015)
Cook Up a Storm 2017
Counterattack Web Series
Crazy Alien 2019
Crazy for Palace
Crazy Little Thing
Crazy Queen
Crazy Stone
Crimes of Passion
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crows and Sparrows
Cruel Romance
Cry Me A Sad River
Cuo Dian Yuan Yang
Cuo/Xi Dian Yuan Yang
Cupid Above
Customize Happiness
Cyan Wizard
Da Ren Wu
Dad's Cabin
Dagger Mastery
Dare Stone Male Tiandong
Dark Blue and Moonlight (2017)
Dark Fragrance
Darker 1 (2014)
Darker 3
Dating Factory
Daughter 2015
Dawn Break Up
Day And Night
Day and Night 2017
Day of Redemption
Dear Enemy
Dear Prince (2017)
Dearest 2014
Death Trip
Death Zone: Cleaning Mount Everest
Déjà vu
Delicious Destiny
Demi Gods & Semi Devils
Demi Gods & Semi Devils (tian Long Ba Bu) 3003
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013)
Demon Catcher Zhong Kui
Demon Girl
Deng Xiao Ping
Desire Sister
Destined to Love You
Destiny's Love
Detective Chinatown
Detective Chinatown Ⅱ2018
Detective Dee
Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings
Detective Lady
Detective Psycho
Detective Samoyeds (2017)
Detective Sweet
Detectives and Doctors
Devastating Beauty
Devil and Angel 2015
Diamond Lover
Diamond Lover (Special Cut)
Diaries of the Cheating Hearts
Didi's Dream
Die Now
Distance (2016)
Distant Relative
Distant Thunder (2010)
Divas Hit The Road Season 2
Dive In 2013
Divorce Lawyers
Do not call my brother
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Domino Effect Of Love
Doomed Disaster
Double Thorn
Dr. Qin Medical Examiner
Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 3 : The Survivor
Dragon Ball Legend
Dragon Blade
Dragon Day You're Dead 2 (2018)
Dragon Gate
Dragon Hunter
Dragonfly Eyes
Dream Breaker: Unawakened City
Drunken Kung Fu
Duckweed 2017
Dying to Survive
Eagles and Youngsters
East Wind Rain
Easy Life 2016
Edge of Innocence (2017)
Edge to Happiness
Electric Shadows
Elysium (2017)
Emergency Department Doctors
Emperor's Holidays
Emperors and Me
Empire of Assassins
Empress Of China
Empress of the Ming: Legend of Sun Ruowei
Empresses in the Palace
Enchanted Doll
Endless Loop
Endless Way
Entrapment 2015
Entrepreneurial Age
Epiphyllum Dream
Eternal Wave
Europe Raiders
Ever Night
Ever Since We Love
Everybody's Fine 2016
Evil Minds
Evil Minds 2 (2016)
Evil Nights
EX Files
Ex Files 2: The Back Up Strikes Back
Exclusive Memory
Explosion (Yin Bao Zhe)
Extraordinary Mission 2017
Eyes of Ghost
Fairy of the Chalice
Fairy Tale of Love
Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You
Fake Guardians
Fall in Love at First Kiss
Fall in Love Like a Star
Fall in Love With Anchor Beauty
Fall In Love With You Again (2015)
Family of Winners
Far Away Love
Farewell My Concubine
Fat Buddies
Fatal Beauty
Fatal Countdown Reset
Fear Is Coming
Feast On Woman's Body
Feed Me
Female Prime Minister
Fen Jiong
Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds
Fight Against Landlords
Fighter of the Destiny (2017)
Fighting Men of China
Fighting Time
Fights Break Sphere
Final Battle in Chengzigou of Kongfu Saga
Final Recipe
Finding Mr Right
Finding Soul
First Love (china)
First of May
First Time
Fish and Elephant
Fist & Faith
Five star hotel
Fleet of Time
Flesh and Spirit
Flirting Scholar 2
Flower's Curse
Flowers in Fog
Fly Me to Venus
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 2018
Flying With You
Follow Me My Queen
Food and Culture
Food To Pregnant
Fool in Love with You (2016)
Foolish Plans
For a Few Bullets
For Love or Money 2014
For My Love (2017)
For the Sake of the Republic
Forever Love
Forever Young (2018)
Forty Years We Walked
Four Women Conflict
Fox Fall in Love
Fox in the Screen (2016)
Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain
Freak Out
Fresh Teachers
From Survivor to Healer
From the Highway
Frontier of Love
Fruit Rockers
Full House (2018)
Full House of Happiness
Full Love
Full Love 2017
Full Moon Scimitar
Funny Soccer
Furious War
Game of Hunting
General and I
Genghis Khan
Get Going
Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Ba Yi
Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Ba Yi season 2
Ghost Office
Ghost Town
Girl in Blue
Go Away Mr Tumor
Go Brother!
Go Lala Go!
Go Princess Go
Go Yi Yi Go
Go! Goal! Fighting!
God of War
God of War, Zhao Yun
Going Places
Gone With The Bullets
Gong Shou Dao
Good Bye My Princess
Good Times
Goodbye Mr Loser
Gossip High
Grammar and People
Grand Theft in Tang
Great Expectations (CH)
Great Inventors
Great Marriage
Greedy Ghost
Green Door
Green Hill Fox Legend (2016)
Green Tea
Group of Women
Grow Up
Gu 2016
Guardian of Beauty
Gui Mi
Guilty of Mind
Had Not Elapsed Time
Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through in the Rain
Half a Fairy Tale
Han Wu Da Di
Hanson And The Beast
Hapless Thief
Happiness Beautiful Blossoms
Happiness Chocolate
Happiness Drop Form The Clouds
Happiness of an Angel
Happy Lover Part II
Happy Lover PartI
Happy Marshal
Happy Noodle
Happy Together (2015)
Haunted Dormitory: Marionette Teacher
Haunted Dormitory: White Paper Girl (2017)
Haunted Road
Have a Nice Day 2018
Have You Ever Fallen in Love, Miss Jiang?
HDJ Beijing Love Story
He Ping De Quan Sheng Shi Dai
Head Above Water
Healing Master
Heart for Heaven 2015
Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber
Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost
Hello Again!
Hello Gorgeous
Hello Mr. Billionaire
Hello Mr. Right (2016)
Hello, Mrs. Money
Here to Heart
Hero's Dream
Heroes Among Heroes
Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties
Heroes of Remix
Heroes Two
Heroic Legend
Hey Daddy
Hi, I'm Saori
Hidden Man
Hide And Seek (2016)
High 5 Basketball
High School Musical: China
Highway 318
Highway of Love
Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise
Holding Love
Hollywood Adventures
Home Lost
Hong Kong Rescue
Hooligan Sparrow
Hopping Vampire VS Zombie
Horror Bathroom
Hot Blood Band
Hot Blood Dance Crew
Hot Girl
Hot Mom!
House Of Flying Daggers
House of The Rising Sons
How Long Will I Love U
Hua Mulan 2009
Huan Tian Xi Di Qiao Yuan Jia
Huang Fei Hong
Huo Xian San Xiong Di
Huo Yuan Jia
Husbands Secret Stash
I Am A Singer S02
I am Big Star
I Am Not an Elite
I Am Not Madame Bovary
I am So Smart
I Belonged to You 2016
I can't Hug You
I Got You
I Hear You
I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho
I Love That Crazy Little Thing
I Not Stupid
I Want to Get Married
I Will Never Let You Go
I will not get bullied by girls
I'm a Pet at Dali Temple
I'm fine in Beijing
I'm So Pretty
Ice and Fire of Youth
Ice Fantasy
Ice Fantasy Destiny
Iceman The Time Traveller
If I Can Love You So
If I Were You
If Love Can Be Repeated
If Paris Downcast
If You Are The One
If You Are the One II
Im Pregnant With Your Baby
Imagine Me Without You
Impetuous Love in Action
Impossible 2015
In Harms Way aka The Chinese Widow
In Love We Trust
In the Name of People
Incisive Great Teacher
Indomitable Soldiers
Inference Notes
Inference Notes movie
Infernal Affairs (2016)
Inside or Outside
Inside the Girls
Insomnia Lover
Introduction of the Princess
Investiture of the Gods (2019)
Ip Man 2: Legend of Grandmaster (2010)
Ip Man Legacy: Master Z
iPartment Season 4
Jade Lovers
Jade Palace
Jade Palace Lock Heart
Jenius - Countdown in the Riddle
Jenius - Deadly Interference
Jenius - The Second J
Journey To The West
Journey to The West (2010)
Journey To The West (2011)
Journey to the West Demon Chapter 2017
Journey to the West: Return of the Three Saints
Ju Dou
Judge Archer
Jueshi Qianjin
Just an Encore
Just Another Margin
Just Call Me Nobody
Just Want to See You Smile
K.O.3an Guo Reboot
Kaili Blues
Keep Calm and Be a Superstar
Kekexili Mountain Patrol
Kill 2017
Kill Mobile
King is not Easy
King of Peking
Kingdom of Conquerors
Knock Knock Who's There
Ko-3an-Guo (2017)
Ku Ba Qiao Ma
Kun Lun Que Zhi Qian Jin Sheng
Kung Fu Angels 2014
Kung Fu Boys
Kung Fu Dunk
Kung Fu League (2018)
Kung Fu Monster
Kung Fu Mother-in-Law
Kung Fu Traveler 2
Kung Fu Wing Chun
Kung Fu Yoga (2017)
Kungfu Fighter
L Storm
L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties
Lady & Liar
Lady And The Liar
Lady Maid Maid (2012)
Lady of the Dynasty
Lady's House
Lala's Gun
Lan Ling Wang
Last Sunrise
Laughing in the Wind
Le Jun Kai
Le Jun Kai The Movie
League of Gods
Legend of Ban Shu
Legend of Chu and Han
Legend of Chusen 2
Legend Of Fragrance
Legend of Fu Yao
Legend of Hua Mulan
Legend of Mermaid
Legend of SouthWest Dance and Music
Legend of Star Apple
Legend of the Ancient Sword
Legend of the Ancient Sword (2018)
Legend of the Aroma City
Legend Of The Demon Cat
Legend of the Dragon Pearl
Legend of the Heavenly Tea
Legend of the Heavenly Tea se2
Legend of the Heavenly Tea se3
Legend of The Last Emperor
Legend of the Naga Pearls
Legend of The Raiders
Legend of White Snake
Legend of Yun Xi
Legendary Amazons
Legendary Di Ren Jie
Les Adventures d'Anthony
Les Interpretes
Let Me Understand Your Language
Let's Shake It! s2
Let's Watch the Meteor Shower Again
Lethal Hostage
Lets Get Married
Letter from an Unknown Woman
Letting You Float Like A Dream
Liao zhai
Lies Of The Femininity
Life on the Line
Life Revelation ( Inspiration for Life)
Lift to Hell
Like a Flowing River
Line Romance
Links Love
Lips and Soul
Little Big Soldier
Little Tigers
Little Valentine (2017)
Lobster Cop
Lonely Gourmet - Taipei
Lonely Island 2014
Long Day's Journey Into Night
Long For You
Long For You 2
Long Riyi, You are Dead
Look at the Sky and See the Cloud
Lord of Shanghai 2017
Lost and Love
Lost Found
Lost in 1949
Lost in Beijing
Lost In Hong Kong
Lost in Mobius
Lost in the Pacific
Lost in White
Lost Love in Times
Lotus Code
Lotus Lantern
Love & Life & Lie
Love actually
Love Actually (2017)
Love At Second Time
Love Battlefield
Love Cuisine
Love Education
Love For Life
Love For Three Lifetimes
Love in 50 Meters
Love in forlorn city
Love in Hanyuan
Love in Sun Moon Lake
Love in the 1980s
Love in the Buff
Love in the Office
Love is Beautiful
Love Is In The Air
Love Is Not Blind
Love Is The Best
Love Matters
Love Me if You Dare
Love O2O
Love O2O (2016)
Love of Aurora
Love of the Sea Islander
Love Off the Cuff
Love on Credit
Love on Credit
Love on That Day
Love on the Cloud
Love Through A Millennium
Love til the End of Summer
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Love Without Distance
Love You For Loving Me
Love You Ountless Ties
Love You You
Love's Lies (2018)
Love, Just Come
Lovers Across Space
Lovers and Movies
Lucky Touch
Luxury Car
Madame White Snake
Magic Card
Magic Star (2017)
Magic Sword of Heaven and Earth
Making Family
Married But Available
Marry into the Purple
Martial Universe
Massagist 2015
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me
Master of the Drunken Fist: Beggar So (2016)
Master Of The Shadowless Kick Wong Kei-Ying
MBA Partners
Medalist Lawyer Heir
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 2 Scavenger
Meet Miss Anxiety
Meet the In Laws
Mei Gong He Da An
Meinv Gan si Dui
Memento Mori
Memories of Love
Memories of Peking
Memory Lost
Men Are Brothers
Men With Sword
Men With Swords Season 2
Mengfei Comes Across
Meow (2017)
Meteor Garden (2018)
Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower 2
Midnight Food Store
Midnight Hair
Midnight Soul Road
Midnight Whisper
Ming Mei De QingChun 2
Miracle Healer (2017)
Miss Dong
Miss Granny (2015)
Miss Puff 2018
Mission Milano
Mojin: The Lost Legend
Mojin: The Worm Valley
Mom Let Me Love You Once Again
Moment In Peking
Mommy Looks Like Sister
Monk Comes Down the Mountain
Monkey King: Hero Is Back
Monster Hunt 2
MoonShine And valentine
Mountain Cry 2016
Mr Lucky
Mr Six 2015
Mr Zhu's Summer
Mr. Nanny
Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice
Mr. Right
Mr. Swimmer
Mr. Unbelievable
Mrs. Fang 2017
Mt. Wutai Shan
Mu Lan
Mum Gogogo
My Amazing Boyfriend
My Amazing Boyfriend 2
My Amazing Bride
My Beautiful Kingdom
My Beloved Bodyguard
My Best Ex-Boyfriend
My Best Friends Wedding
My Bodyguard My Hero
My Bodyguard My Hero season 2
My Bodyguard My Hero season 3
My Bodyguard My Hero season 4
My Bratty Princess (2005)
My Celestial College
My Daddy My King
My Date With A Vampire I
My Disciple Died Yet Again
My Fair Gentleman
My Father & Daddy
My father in law martial arts
My Girlfriends Boyfriend
My Goddess, My Mother
My Heart Leaps Up
My Huckleberry Friends (2017)
My Kingdom
My Little Princess
My Love from the Ocean (2018)
My Lucky Star (movie)
My Mr. Mermaid
My Old Classmate
My Original Dream
My Other Home
My Poseidon
My Robot Boyfriend
My Ruby My Blood
My Running Shadow
My Sassy Girl 2
My Splendid Life
My step father Is a hero
My Story for You
My Sunshine
My teacher Is Xiao-he
My Unfair Lady
My War
My Wife Is a Superstar
My Youth
My! Physical Education Teacher
Mystery Hunter Notes
Mystery of Antiques
Mystery Zone : Soul Eating Hill
Myth Of Sword
Naked Marriage Afterwards
Naked Soldier
Naked Wedding
Nanking Nanking
Napping Kid
National Treasure’s Extraordinary Journey
Naughty Princess (2015)
Negotiator (2018)
Nervous (2017)
Never Give Up Dodo
Never Gone
Never Gone (2018)
Never Said Goodbye (2016)
Never Say Die
New Princess Returning Pearl
New Smiling Proud Wanderer
New York, New York
Nice to Meet You
Nice To Meet You (Chinese Drama)
Night Train
Nirvana in Fire
Nirvana in Fire 2
No Cheap Way
No Man's Land
No.10 Yandaixie Street
North by Northeast
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Novoland: The Castle In the Sky
Nowhere to Run
Nu'er Hong
Ocean Heaven
Ode to Gallantry
Ode to Joy
Ode to Joy 2
Office 2015
Oh My General
Oh My God 2015
Oh! My Emperor
old beast
Old Boy 2018
Old Days in Shanghai
Old Mansion
Once Again
Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
One And A Half Summer
One And Another Him
One Man and Three Women's Roommate Diaries
One Minute More
One Night in Supermarket
One Night in Taipei
One Night Only movie
One Night Stud
One Night, or Whole Life
One Step Away
Onion from the boot of a Benz
Only If I Love You
Only Side by Side with You
Only You 2015
Oolong Courtyard
Operation Love
Operation Moscow
Operation Red Sea
Ordinary Man
Ordinary World (2015)
Original Sin
Orphan Of Zhao
Our Glamorous Time
Our Love
Our Shining Days
Painted Skin 2 - The Resurrection
Painted Skin II
Painted Skin: The Double Mask
Painted Skin: The Resurrection
Painting Heart Expert
Painting Heart Master
Pair of Love
Palace 3 The Lost Daughter
Palace II (Gong Suo Zhu Lian)
Paladins in Troubled Times
Paradise in Service
Pari (2018)
Paris Holiday
Partners in Crime S1
Partners in Crime S2
Past and Present (2016)
Paths Of The Soul
Patriotic Knights
Peace Breaker
Peace Hotel
Peach Man vs chrysanthemum blame
Pegasus 2019
Perfect Couple 2014
Perfect Imperfection
Perfect Youth
Perhaps Love
Personal Assistant of Female President Season 1 (2016)
Personal Assistant of Female President Season 2 (2017)
Personal Tailor
Phantom of the Theatre
Phoenix Nirvana
Planning of be in Love
Plastic China
Please Keep Away
Police Brother Pot 2017
Police Brother Pot 2017 Season 2
Police Story
Pop Food
Pretty Li Hui Zhen
Pretty Maid
Pretty Man
Pretty Wife
Prince + Princess 2
Prince Coffee Lab (2018)
Princess Agents (2017)
Princess at Large
Princess Jieyou
Princess of Lanling King
Princess of Lanling King (2016)
Princess Returning Pearl
Project Gutenberg
Proud of Love
Proud of Love Season 2
Proud of Me
Provocateur (2017)
PTU File: Death Trap
Puppy Love
Purple Sunset
Pushing Hand (2019)
Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Qianlong Dynasty
Qing Yun Zhi Season 2
QingDao Love Story (Movie)
Quarrelsome Lovers
Queen Dugu
Railroad Tigers 2016
Rainbow Family Season 2
Raise the Red Lantern
Rakshasa Street (2017)
Red Amnesia
Red Cliff
Red Cliff II
Red Euphorbia Millii
Refresh 3+7
Reign of Assassins
Rent A Girlfriend For Holiday
Rest On Your Shoulde
Return of Happiness
Return of the Condor Heroes 1998
Return of the Condor Heroes 2006
Return of the Cuckoo
Return to the Wolves
Revenge for Love 2017
Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles
Ripples Of Desire
Rise of the Legend
Roman Holiday
Romance Out of the Blue
Rookie Agent Rouge
Rose Martial World
Royal Highness
Royal Sister Returns
Royal Tramp
Rule the World
Run Brother Season 01
Run Brother Season 01 Special
Run Brother Season 02
Run for Love
Runaway Sweetheart
Running Man 2015
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace
S.C.I : Journal of Mysterious Cases
Sad Fairy Tale
Saving Mr. Wu
Scandal Maker
Scarlet Heart
Scarlet Heart 2
Scary Road Is Fun
Schemes of a Beauty
Sealed With A Kiss (2011)
Season Love
Secret Fruit
Secret History of Empress Wu (2011)
Secrets in the Hot Spring
Secrets of Three Kingdoms
Sen Sen
Seven Days 2015
Seven of the Sky
Seven Swords
Seven Swordsmen
Seventy seven Days
Shadow (2018)
Shadows of Love
Shall I compare you To a Spring day
Shall We Fall in Love
Shanghai Bund
Shanghai Legend
Shanghai Love Market
Shanghai Love Story
Shaolin Warrior
She is Beautiful
Shen Tan Di Ren Jie
Shen Yi Da Dao Gong (2014)
Sheng Huo Qi Shi Lu
ShengSi XiangYi
Shi Song Hong Jun
Shocking Kungfu Of Huo
Shuttle Love Millennium
Silence Snow
Simple Man
Singing All Along
Single Princesses and Blind Dates
Single Wife Season 2
Singles Villa
Skiptrace 2016
Sky Hunter
Sky On Fire
Skynet Action
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
So I Married an Anti-fan
So Young
So Young (Chinese Drama)
So Young 2013
Some Like It Hot
Somewhere Only We Know
Son of the Stars
Song of Phoenix
Song of Tibet (Yeshe Dolma)
Sorry I Love You
Soul Mate (2016)
Soul on a String
Sound of the Desert
South of the Clouds
Special Bodyguard
Special Force Behind The Enemy Line
SPEED (2018)
SPL 2: A Time for Consequences
Spring Subway
Spy Hunter
Stage of Youth
Stairway to Stardom
Starlight (2018)
Startling by Each Step (Bu Bu Jing Xin)
Stay with Me
Still Lala
Still Life
Story of Yanxi Palace
Story On The Road
Strands of Love
Strange Battle
Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei
Su Ran Ran’s Husband Hunting Journey
Suddenly Seventeen
Suddenly Seventeen (Drama)
Suddenly, This Summer
Summer Dairy
Summer's Desire 2018
Sunflower Love
Sunny Happiness
Sunshine Always After Rain
Super Eunuch
Super Express
Super Medical Resident (2017)
Super Partner
Super Star Academy
Surprise 2015
Suzhou River
Sweet Combat
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Sixteen (2016)
Switch of Fate
Sword Master (2016)
Sword of Legends 2
Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Swordsman 2
Symphony of Fate
Tai Xian
Taichi Master
Taiji Prodigy
Take My Brother Away
Take Your Mark
Tales of Mystery
Talking Bones
Tan Pan Yuan Jia
Tang Dynasty Good Man
Tang Dynasty Tour
Tao Nv Lang
Tao Se Qing Chun
Taste Of Love (2015)
Tea Love
Tears in Heaven
Teeth of Love
Temptress Moon
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Ten Years from Now
Ten Years Of Love
That Night Changed You And Me
The Adventure for Love
The Adventurers
The Advisors Alliance (2017)
The Advisors Alliance 2
The Ancient Tea Road
The Apostles
The Ark of Mr. Chow
The Battle at the Dawn
The Beloved
The Best Meeting
The Big Boss 2017
The Big Boss: Season 2
The Big Power
The Big Shot
The Black Fox
The Blizzard
The Blood Hound 2017
The Bodyguard (2016)
The Borderline
The Breakup Guru
The Brightest Star in the Sky
The Brink
The Bronze Teeth 1
The Bronze Teeth 2
The Bronze Teeth 4
The Bronze Teeth3
The Bullet Vanishes
The Burns of Sin
The Business Strom of Ruhai
The Butcher the Chef and the Swordsman
the cage of love
The Calligraphy Master
The Chess King
The Children of Huang Shi
The Chinese Botanist's Daughters
The Chinese Mayor
The Chosen Ones
The Chrysalis
The City of Chaos
The City Of Warriors
The Classic of Mountains and Seas (2016)
The Coffin in the Mountain
The Coming Through
The Continent
The Crazy School
The Crossing 2018
The Dark Lord
The Day I Skipped School For You
The Dead End
The Death Of The Jade
The Deathday Party
The Deer and the Cauldron
The Demi Gods And Semi Devils
The Demon Master
The Depths of the Shambhala
The Destiny of White Snake
The Detective Bao Zheng
The Devotion of Suspect X
The Diamonds Dream
The Disguiser (2015)
The Dream Job
The Dreams of Jinsha
The Drifting Red Balloon
The Drug Hunter
The Eagle Shooting Heroes
The Elfin's Golden Castle
The Emperor's Harem (2011)
The Empire Symbol
The Endless Love
The Eternal Love
The Eternal Love 2
The Evolution of Our Love
The Ex-File 3: The Return of the Exes
The Eyes of Dawn
The Faded Light Years
The Fairies Of Liao Zhai
The Fairy Lake
The Family
The Family (2018)
The Farewell Girls 2017
The Fatal Mission
The Fate of Swordsman
The Ferry Man Manjusaka
The Final Master
The Fire In Hell
The First Half of My Life
The First Time
The Flame’s Daughter
The Fleets In The Gulf Of Aden
The Founding of a Republic
The Founding Of An Army
The Four 2015
The Fox Fairy Court
The Fox's Summer
The Fox's Summer Season 2
The Game Changer 2017
The Game For Heaven
The girl who wear earring
The Glamorous Imperial Concubine
The Glory of Tang Dynasty 2
The Golden Eyes
The Golden Monk
The Golden Path
The Grandmaste
The Great Adventurer Wesley S1, Fragment Man
The Great Adventurer Wesley S2, Bleeding Blue
The Great Adventurer Wesley S3, Mind Port
The Great Adventurer Wesley,Fragment Man
The Great Four
The Great Hypnotist
The Great Protector
The Great Rescue
The Great Shaolin (2017)
The Guardsman
The Gun
The Haunted Cinema
The Highest Mark
The Home Of Lady
The House That Never Dies
The House That Never Dies 2
The Hunting Genius
The Hunting Genius season 2
The Hunting Genius season 3
The Imperial Doctress
The Imperial Physician
The Investiture of the Gods
The Investiture of the Gods Part II
The Iron Lady
The Journey
The Journey of Flower
The Journey of Flower 2015
The Kidnappers
The King of Blaze
The King of Legend
The King of Soldiers
The King's Woman (2017)
The Knight of Shadows Between Yin and Yang
The Knot
The Ladder of Love
The Lady in Cubicle
The Lady In The Cubicle
The Last Princess 2016
The Last Supper
The Learning Curve of A Warlord
The Left Ear
The Legend and the Hero
The Legend and the Hero 2
The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries
The Legend Of Bruce Lee
The Legend Of Chinese Zodiac
The Legend of Chusen
The Legend of Chusen Season 2
The Legend of Daiyu (2010)
The Legend of DuGu
The Legend of Flying Daggers
The Legend of Hao Lan
The Legend of Jade Sword
The Legend of Mi Yue
The Legend of Qin
The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017)
The Legend of the Monster
The Legend Of Xishi
The Legend of Zu
The Legend of Zu 2
The Legend of Zu 2018
The Legendary School: Three Lives Three Worlds Tao Hua Yuan
The Legendary Tycoon
The Legendary Warrio
The Legends
The Liar
The Little Fairy
The Looming Storm
The Lost Bladesman
The Lost Tomb
The Lost Youth Brink of the Future
The Love of Happiness
The Love Songs of Tiedan
The Love Winner
The Lovers Lies
The Maid of the Blind Master
The Man behind the Courtyard House
The Man From Macau 2
The Mermaid (1965)
The Mermaid 2016
The Message
The Missing 2017
The Monkey King 2
The Monkey King Ⅲ,Kingdom of Women
The Mother Said
The Mystery of Death
The Mystic Nine
The Mystic Nine Tetralogy
The Myth
The Nanny Man
The New King of Comedy
The New Year's Eve of Old Lee
The Night of the Comet
The Nightingale
The No No Girl
The North of The Earth
The One
The Palace
The Patriot Yue Fei
The Perfect Couple (2017)
The Plough Department of Song Dynasty
The Princess Comes Across
The Princess Wei Yang
The Princess Weiyoung
The Promise
The Purple House
The Puzzle of Human Skin
The Qin Empire
The Qin Empire 2
The Qin Empire 3
The Queen of SOP
The Queens
The Red
The Return of the Condor Heroes
The Right Mistake
The Rise of a Tomboy
The Rise of King Modu
The Rise of Phoenixes
The Rise of the Great Nations
The Road
The Road Home
The Road Not Taken
The Rocking Sky
The Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014
The Rules of Love 1 (2019)
The Rules of Love 2 (2019)
The Second Woman
The Secret 2016
The Secret Angel
The Secret of the River
The Seven Sword
The Shadow Play
The Silent War
The Sky Of The Emily
The Sleeping Beauty
The Song of Cotton
The Sorcerer and the White Snake
The Sound of Desert
The Southern Storm
The Spirit of the Sword
The Stalker
The Stand In
The Starry Night, The Starry Sea
The Starry Night, the Starry Sea 2
The Stolen Years
The Stormy Night
The Story of Han Dynasty
The Story of Ming Lan (2018)
The Struggle of 80's
The Substitute
The Summer is Gone
The Summer of Our Graduation 2014
The Sun Also Rises
The Sun Beaten Path
The Tai Chi Master
The Taking Of Tiger Mountain
The Taoism Grandmaster
The Tearful Sword
The Temptation to Go Home
The Ten Deadly Sins
The Third Name of Love
The Third Way of Love 2015
The Thousand Faces of Dunjia
The Three Heroes and Five Gallants
The Trough 2018
The Truth (Singapore)
The Truth About Beauty
The Truth Seekers
The Ugly Queen
The Ultimate Master of War
The Ultimate Winner
The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan
The Underdog Knight 2
The Unity Of Heroes
The Unknown
The Vigilantes In Masks
The Village of No Return
The Virtuous Queen of Han
The Voice Unseen
The Wall Woman 2014
The Wandering Earth
The War of Loong
The Warring States
The Warrior and the Wolf
The Wasted Times
The Way We Were (China Drama)
the Wedding Game
The Wedding Invitation
The Whirlwind Girl
The Wife of Marshal
The Wife's Lies
The Wonderful Wedding
The World
The World (2016)
The World is Not Fraudulent
The Young Warriors
Things we do when we fall in love
Think About You For 37
Think Before You Marry
Thinking of You, Lu Xiang Bei
Thirty Two (2014)
This Is Not What I Expected
Three (2016)
Three Girlfriend Three Mom
Three Hundred Cases
Three Kingdoms
Three Kingdoms Resurrection of the Dragon
Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book
Three Sisters
Through The Eye
Tientsin Mystic
Tiger Mom
Tik Tok
Till Death Tear Us Apart
Till the End of the World
Time Raiders
Time Teaches Me To Love
Time To Love
Tiny Times 1
Tiny Times 4.0
Tiptoe to Kiss Love
To Be a Better Man
To Each A Flower
To Love Me
To Love, To Heal
To My 19 Year-Old
To us, from us
Tomb Mystery
Tomb of the Sea
Tomb Robber
Tomb Story
Too Late to Say I love You
Touch and Go
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy
Triple Threat
True Man
Truth or Dare
Truth Or Dare - Finale
Turn Around
Twenties Once Again
Twice Blooms the Flower
Twin Spirit
Two Wrongs Makes A Right (Perfect Couple)
U Disk
Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua
Ulterior Motive 2015
Ultra Reinforcement
Una vida hermosa
Unbeatable You
Under the Bed
Under The Bed 2
Under the Hawthorn Tree
Undercover Duet
Underground Fragrance
Unexpected (2018)
Unforgettable Blast
Unforgivable Sin
Unserious Hero
Untouchable Love
Untouchable Lovers
Up In The Wind
Urban Games
Us and Them
V Love
Vampire Warriors
Visible Lie
Viva La Romance
Waiting For You
Waiting For You In A Long Time
Waiting to Bloom
Waking Love Up
Walking To School
Wang Zhao JunLiu De Kai as Emperor Yuan
WangDahua Revolutionary Career
Warm Love
Warriors of Heaven and Earth
Warriors Two
Wars of In-Laws 1 (2005)
Water Margin
We Are Gamily
We Are In Love
We Are In Love: Season 3
We Are The Best Ten years
Weaning (2013)
Welcome to Shamatown
Well Intended Love
Western Trunk Line
What Women Want
What's Da Bao Bao
What’s in the Darkness
When a Peking Family Meets Aupair
When a Snail Falls in Love
When Duty Calls (2017)
When Geek Meets Serial Killer
When Larry Met Mary
When Sun Meets Moon
When We Were Young
When We Were Young (2018)
Where are we going Dad 2
Where the Lost Ones Go
Where the Wind Settles
Whirlwind Girl 2
White Deer Plain
Who in the Pool
Who is The Letter From
Who Is Undercover
Who Moved My Dream
Who s The Hero
Who Sleeps My Bro
Wifes Secret
Wild Desert
Wind Blast
Wind Chime
Wine Beauty
Wine War
Winter Vacation (Han jia)
With You
Wo Xin Chang Dan
Wolf Totem
Wolf Warrior 2
Wolf Warriors
Woman Gang
Woman In A Family Of Swordsman
Women on the Breadfruit Tree
Women Who Flirt
Wonder Mama
Wonderful Autumn
Wonderful Spring
Worlds Finest
Would You Marry Me (2016)
Wrath of Silence
Wrong Way Driving (2017)
wu di tie qiao san
Wu Kong (2017)
Wu Ying Deng Xia
WuXin: The Monster Killer
WuXin: The Monster Killer Season 2
Xiang Long Zhi Bai Lu Wei Shuang
Xiao Bao He Lao Cai
Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang
Xing Fu Cong Tian Er Jiang
Xing Fu Xi Fu Cheng Zhang Ji
Xiu Zhen Ma Ma
Xuan Yuan Sword
Xuan zang
Xuan-Yuan Sword: Han Cloud
Xuan-Yuan Sword: Legend The Clouds of Han
Xue Dingshan
Xue Gang Fan Tang
Yellow River Aria
Yellow War
Yes We Can
Yes! Mr. Fashion
Yesterday Once More (2016)
Yi Guan Xiao Chuan
Yong Zheng Dynasty
You Are My Sassy Girl
You Are My Sisters
You are My Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine (movie)
You Are the Chef
You Light Up My Star
You Wan Mei Wan 2017
Young Blood Agency
Young Detective Dee Rise of the Sea Dragon
Young Heroes
Young Justice Bao
Young Sherlock
Your Highness (2017)
Your Highness 2
Youth (2017)
Youth (2018)
Youth Dinner
Youth Fight
Youth Huo Yuan Jia out
Youth Never Returns
Youth Power
Yun Zhong Ge
Zhong Kui Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal
Zombie Fight Club
Zombies Zombies